What we do?

We find the highly-qualified candidates with the right skill set for your software development and IT positions - whether for full-time or part-time, permanent employment or short-term projects, and for traditional in-office/on-site and remote/telecommute work. 


Furthermore, we can help you with legal and administrative overhead of employing people in Serbia (opening limited liability companies and personal agencies, drafting employment and agency contracts, registration of employees, opening business bank accounts and accounting services). 


Benefits of our services

  • Be free to focus on your core business

  • We run tailor-made candidate headhunting campaigns

  • Access to our personal network of IT professionals

  • Access to our database of international IT professionals

  • Time-saving and inexpensive

How much does it cost?


Our standard headhunting fee is 2 months of gross salary for permanent employment. Discounts are possible for first time engagements, multiple candidate searches for same job position description and multiple simultaneous job position description searches.  

Satisfaction guarantee

”NO EMPLOYMENT NO PAY” - we get paid only when you have signed the contract with the preferred candidates and they successfully complete first month at their new job. We desire to build a long-term relationship between PDG Partners and Your company.