Node.js/AWS Senior Developer
Potential to grow into VP of Engineering

Full-time remote positions open Worldwide  


  •  Have a sense of humor

  •  Are an expert with Node.js

  •  Know git like the back of your hand. Or the front of your hand

  •  Have experience with AWS (ideally Lambda, IoT, DynamoDB)

  •  Are excited to dive in and learn new tech if needed

  •  bonus: TypeScript, React/React Native expertise, blockchain expertise (Bitcoin / Ethereum / EOS /  Corda / Hyperledger)


The Current Team

We are a tiny team of serial entrepreneurs. We've built software in the supply-chain industry (that ran in 20 countries across Europe), a Groupon clone in Russia, an open source web app platform, and an algorithmic trading marketplace.

We love open source (Tradle is open source, see our github: ), long walks on the beach, blockchain technology, the serverless trend, coffee and candy. Sadly, we recently traded all our candy for coffee.




  • Architecture

  • Development

  • DevOps

  • Product management

The Stack

  • Backend: Node.js, Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda (later other cloud platforms), blockchains: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Corda.

  • Frontend: React (React Native on iOS/Android, React Native Web on web)

The Vision

The rise of the world’s biggest fintechs Alibaba and Tencent shows us what becomes possible when regulatory and other forms of friction are removed from the economy, with the "assurance" that transactions (e-commerce, p2p money, lending, etc.) will be completed safely. There is one problem though: these Chinese giants, along with their US counterparts, are modern monopolies of unprecedented size.


Assurance starts with digital identity and is a $200B market, which today is dark. Tradle is set to capture this market with a blockchain-based decentralized system that we call an un-marketplace.


We are crossing the chasm to un-marketplace with a digital identity product for KYC (Know Your Customer) in financial services.


Minimum 4000 EURO/month - and possibly much more, depending on qualifications.

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume or CV in English to