Startup Partnering

It is simple - we can take care of all the aspects of establishing your new cost-effective office, from hiring the right people that fit the flexible and fast-paced corporate culture, to legal help, banking, accounting, and day-to-day operations.


We become a synchronized and fully integrated part of your startup, working with you through the trials and tribulations to fully exploit the resources at your fingertips and beat the competition.


Advantages of Partnering with PDG Partners


We’re looking to build the network and help startups like yours significantly reduce operational costs and increase your overall competitive advantage. We can do this by providing:


  • mobile/web/desktop software development,

  • UI/UX design,

  • functional testing,

  • SEO optimization,

  • digital marketing,

  • management and HR,

  • and various back-office processes common to most startups.


Our expertise lies in matching people with the right set of skills with our partner startup. The result is an efficiently managed office, which allows you to fully focus on your core business objectives and achieve maximum profit.